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Quotes I had the pleasure of meeting Emily at HealthPoint, Wooster, Ohio where she instructed 2 yoga classes a week. She left us in October 2010 due to several factors. I am still feeling the loss of her, she a very special person. She takes the time for whatever comes up, yoga or a personal question about your health,etc. We're still hoping she will return, but wish her the best in the future. Thank you Emily, I still try to practice my yoga 3 times a week at home! Quotes
Pat Rutherford
Former Yoga Student

Quotes To me, Em is what a yoga teacher needs to be. Quietly passionate and committed to yoga, she never tries (nor needs) to sell someone on yoga. One class with her and you?ll understand; she embodies its many gifts ? flexibility, equanimity, respect - especially in light of grave personal challenges she has been courageously facing over the past 4 years. (Never did she waver in her passion and commitment to yoga. In fact, it was clearly her strength and solace.) Her instruction is clear, her demeanor is approachable and serene. If you have students who wish to practice and learn what yoga can do for them, and from someone who walks the walk, you would be doing them a great service by having Emily teach them. Quotes
Mark Jones
Business Development Assistant