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Emily Gareis draws from a variety of styles to teach Hatha Yoga. She emphasizes breath, relaxation, balance, flexibility and strength.  The yoga sessions are designed to make accommodations for the individual. You will learn to integrate yoga into your daily activities, improve your alignment and reduce pain and cranky joints.  No experience is required for Hatha Yoga. The classes are approximately 45 min long and end in meditation.


Yoga in a Chair is designed to allow almost anyone to participate in a very gentle form of Yoga. It works the joints and muscles to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and circulation. It goes beyond typical exercises in that it encourages quiet reflection, proper breathing, and better posture.  The benefits of this program are remarkable. Students report reduced blood pressure, faster recovery from injury or surgery, better sleep, increased mobility, improved posture and some students have eve n gained height. Classes are approximately. 45 min. long and end in meditation


Also hosting “Yoga Parties” - A refreshing and unique alternative to traditional celebrations  for you & your friends  -  A birthday bash, a bridal gig or just a fun girls night out (how about a little wine, cheese and chocolate!) –let me tailor a yoga party for your event with your guests & theme in mind.

Rates through earthyoga

Private session at your location (one to three people)

$50.00** per session+

**session is 45 min to 1 hour

+additional minimal cost for outside a 20 mile radius

I customize sessions to your needs 



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